PSABPW63 - Cool-Down---Acc7.5 Lesson 13 Systems of Equations (8.EE.C.8)
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Part A)

Determined to finish her milkshake before Diego, Lin now drinks her 12 ounce milkshake at a rate of  an ounce per second. Diego starts with his usual 20 ounce milkshake and drinks at the same rate as before,  an ounce per second.


Graph this situation on the axes provided.



Draw your graph on paper, take a picture, and upload it using the upload icon .

If you do not have the ability to upload an image of your work, type "Graph is on paper."



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Part B)

What does the graph tell you about the situation?

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Part C)

How many solutions are there?

Type your answer below as a number (example: 5, 3.1, 4 1/2, or 3/2):