PSABPW62 - Cool-Down---Acc7.5 Lesson 12 On Both of the Lines (8.EE.C.8)
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Part A)

Andre and Noah started tracking their savings at the same time. Andre started with $15 and deposits $5 per week. Noah started with $2.50 and deposits $7.50 per week. The graph of Noah's savings is given and his equation is 7.52.5, where x represents the number of weeks and represents his savings.


Write the equation for Andre's savings and graph it alongside Noah's. What does the intersection point mean in this situation?

Write the equation for Andre's savings.


y = __________


Use x as your variable.


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Part B)


Draw your graph, with lines for Noah's and Andre's savings, on paper, take a picture, and upload it using the upload icon .

If you do not have the ability to upload an image of your work, type "Graph is on paper."

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Part C)


What does the intersection point of Noah's and Andre's savings mean in this situation?

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