PSABM5Y7 - Practice---Acc7.5 Lesson 17 Organizing Data (8.SP.A.1, 8.SP.A)
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Part A)

Here is data on the number of cases of whooping cough from 1939 to 1955.



Make a new table that orders the data by year.


Create and fill in the table using the table button


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Part B)

Which years in this period of time had fewer than 100,000 cases of whooping cough?

Select all that apply:
Part C)

Based on this data, would you expect 1956 to have closer to 50,000 cases or closer to 100,000 cases?

Select one:

In volleyball statistics, a block is recorded when a player deflects the ball hit from the opposing team. Additionally, scorekeepers often keep track of the average number of blocks a player records in a game. Here is part of a table that records the number of blocks and blocks per game for each player in a women’s volleyball tournament. A scatter plot that goes with the table follows.




Label the axes of the scatter plot with the necessary information.


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In hockey, a player gets credited with a “point” in their statistics when they get an assist or goal. The table shows the number of assists and number of points for 15 hockey players after a season.



Make a scatter plot of this data. Make sure to scale and label the axes.


Draw your scatter plot on paper, take a picture, and upload it using the image upload icon

If you do not have the ability to upload an image of your work type "Scatter plot is on paper."


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