PSABDXMJ - Grade 4 Mathematics Practice Test 2017
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#1 (4.MD.1.03)


Mr. Felton will use exactly 42 feet of fencing to surround a garden that is in the shape of a rectangle.  His garden has a length of 12 feet.  The equation below represents the perimeter of Mr. Felton's garden.  


w + w + 12 + 12 = 42


What is w, the width, in feet, of Mr. Felton's garden?


Enter your answer in the box.  Do not include units (feet) in your answer. 


Type your answer below as a number (example: 5, 3.1, 4 1/2, or 3/2):

#2 (4.NF.3.07)


Ayanna lives 0.67 mile from a school.  Kellen lives farther from the school than Ayanna does.  


Which of these could be the distance Kellen lives from the school?


Select one:

#3 (4.G.1.03)


Which of the following rectangles is shown with all of its lines of symmetry?

Select one:

#4 (4.G.1.01)


This picture shows some of the streets in Nathan's neighborhood.

Which of the following best represents two streets that are perpendicular?


Select one:
Part A)

#5 (4.OA.2.04)

Part A

During art class last week, Carmen put crayons into cups for her art teacher.  She put exactly 9 crayons into each cup.  


Altogether, Carmen put more than 20 crayons, but fewer than 30 crayons, into the cups.  


What is the total number of crayons that Carmen put into the cups?  Explain your reasoning.  


Type your answer below:
Part B)

Part B

Is your answer to Part A a prime number or a composite number? Explain your reasoning.


Enter your answer and your explanation in the space provided.


Type your answer below:
Part C)

Part C

This week, Carmen's art teacher has a total of 28 crayons to put into cups.  She wants Carmen to put the same number of crayons into each cup.  


Write all the factor pairs of 28 that show possible ways Carmen can divide 28 crayons equally to put into cups. 


Enter your answer in the space provided. 


Type your answer below: