Lesson 1---Graphs of Piecewise Linear Functions
Lesson 2---Graphs of Quadratic Functions
Lesson 3---Graphs of Exponential Functions
Lesson 4---Analyzing Graphs—Water Usage During a Typical Day at School
Lesson 5---Two Graphing Stories
Lesson 6---Algebraic Expressions—The Distributive Property
Lesson 7---Algebraic Expressions—The Commutative and Associative Properties
Lesson 8---Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
Lesson 9---Multiplying Polynomials
Lesson 10---True and False Equations
Lesson 11---Solution Sets for Equations and Inequalities
Lesson 12---Solving Equations
Lesson 13---Some Potential Dangers when Solving Equations
Lesson 14---Solving Inequalities
Lesson 15---Solution Sets of Two or More Equations (or Inequalities) Joined by “And” or “Or”
Lesson 16---Solving and Graphing Inequalities Joined by “And” or “Or”
Lesson 17---Equations Involving Factored Expressions
Lesson 18---Equations Involving a Variable Expression in the Denominator
Lesson 19---Rearranging Formulas
Lesson 20---Solution Sets to Equations with Two Variables
Lesson 21---Solution Sets to Inequalities with Two Variables
Lesson 22---Solution Sets to Simultaneous Equations
Lesson 23---Solution Sets to Simultaneous Equations
Lesson 24---Applications of Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Lesson 25---Solving Problems in Two Ways—Rates and Algebra
Lesson 26---Recursive Challenge Problem—The Double and Add 5 Game
Lesson 27---Recursive Challenge Problem—The Double and Add 5 Game
Lesson 28---Federal Income Tax