Lesson 1---Construct an Equilateral Triangle
Lesson 2---Construct an Equilateral Triangle
Lesson 3---Copy and Bisect an Angle
Lesson 4---Construct a Perpendicular Bisector
Lesson 5---Points of Concurrencies
Lesson 6---Solve for Unknown Angles—Angles and Lines at a Point
Lesson 7---Solve for Unknown Angles—Transversals
Lesson 8---Solve for Unknown Angles—Angles in a Triangle
Lesson 9---Unknown Angle Proofs—Writing Proofs
Lesson 10---Unknown Angle Proofs—Proofs with Constructions
Lesson 11---Unknown Angle Proofs—Proofs of Known Facts
Lesson 12---Transformations—The Next Level
Lesson 13---Rotations
Lesson 14---Reflections
Lesson 15---Rotations, Reflections, and Symmetry
Lesson 16---Translations
Lesson 17---Characterize Points on a Perpendicular Bisector
Lesson 18---Looking More Carefully at Parallel Lines
Lesson 19---Construct and Apply a Sequence of Rigid Motions
Lesson 20---Applications of Congruence in Terms of Rigid Motions
Lesson 21---Correspondence and Transformations
Lesson 22---Congruence Criteria for Triangles—SAS
Lesson 23---Base Angles of Isosceles Triangles
Lesson 24---Congruence Criteria for Triangles—ASA and SSS
Lesson 25---Congruence Criteria for Triangles—AAS and HL
Lesson 26---Triangle Congruency Proofs
Lesson 27---Triangle Congruency Proofs
Lesson 28---Properties of Parallelograms
Lesson 29---Special Lines in Triangles
Lesson 30---Special Lines in Triangles
Lesson 31---Construct a Square and a Nine-Point Circle
Lesson 32---Construct a Nine-Point Circle
Lesson 33---Review of the Assumptions
Lesson 34---Review of the Assumptions